Vertigo Treatment:

Vertigo symptoms result in the sensation of motion, typically described as dizziness; some may feel other things moving while others may feel they are moving. It is not unusual to experience vomiting or nausea accompanied by a balance disorder. There are several different classifications of Vertigo. It is estimated that Vertigo effects approximately 30% of the population and results in significant emergency room visits every year. Vertigo may be the result of a blow to the head resulting in a concussion or neck trauma, vestibular, Ménière’s disease (inner ear), or neurological disorders (nerves/brain).

Vertigo May Be The Result Of Your Atlas Being Out Of Alignment

Ménière’s Disease

is an inner ear problem that may result in Vertigo; hearing loss, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and sense of balance. It may also be accompanied by migraines. One of the treatments for more advanced Ménière’s Disease is for a surgeon to sever the nerve if the condition. The surgery requires cutting into the lining of the brain. You may want to review all of the information on this procedure before making a decision.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

is one of the common underlying causes of Vertigo which results in mild to intense dizziness or spinning out of control. BPPV is typically triggered by movement of your head up or down as well as lying down or turning over in bed.


is a inner ear problem caused by the inflammation of the part that helps controls your balance. The inflammation may cause the onset of Vertigo, loss of hearing, or ringing in the ears. The cause may be difficult to determine but is usually the result of an infection. This causes the nerves to send the wrong signals to the brain.

Your Atlas

Your brain stem extends down into the atlas and your nerves pass through the atlas. If your atlas is knocked out of alignment, it may impair the nerves, blood vessels, or the brain stem. Boutwell Chiropractic Group, P.C will be able to determine if your atlas is in or out of alignment. If it is out of alignment, a Boutwell Chiropractic Group, P.C Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists specialists that correct spinal realignment by means of an atlas orthogonal percussion instrument using computerized X-Rays will be able to identify the required adjustments.

This procedure is painless, safe, and effective. You may feel immediate relief of the symptoms the same day if the atlas is a cause or contributing factor.

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