Migraine Pain Relief Treatment:

You Will Be Told That Migraines Can Not Be Cured, Only Managed, Is That Really True?

Migraine Headaches can be a debilitating medical consequence of a misaligned atlas which results in excruciating relentless pain, nausea, vomiting, blurring eyes, dizziness, and many other symptoms or a combination of symptoms that vary from patient to patient. Migraines have historically been treated with a massive amount of different medications to prevent or medicate symptoms; anti-seizure meds, antidepressants, Triptans, anti-nausea, and opioid (narcotic) pain medications to name some. Another popular approach is to inject a nerve block. A nerve block may or may not be effective and vary in length of time of effectiveness, typical time frame indicated is anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. It may not work or it may last much longer, but the injections will most likely need to be repeated on an on-going basis indefinitely. Be sure to check all contraindications of any medication or nerve block procedure with your doctor or other reliable source.

Your migraines may be the result of whiplash, a sports related injury, cracking the top of your head on a door, or any trauma to the head or neck that happened recently or years ago. It is not always easy to identify the source of the injury, but it is much easier for our chiropractic specialist to determine if your atlas is in or out of alignment.

If Your Atlas Is Out of Alignment – We May Be Able To Safely Help You, Too!

Boutwell Chiropractic Group, P.C Has Successfully Treated Many Migraine and Headache Pain Sufferers With Partial or Total Relief

Boutwell Chiropractic Group, P.C will assess your atlas with computerized X-Ray output that will tell us if your atlas may be the cause of your problem and the adjustment required to get your atlas back in alignment. If your atlas is misaligned, it may be impairing nerves or blood vessels resulting in your migraines and-or other undetected and untreated illnesses.

We specialize in using an Atlas Percussion Instrument specifically developed for adjusting the atlas. The instrument uses a light force to adjust the atlas that is safe, painless, and effective. Boutwell Chiropractors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists. An Atlas Orthogonist is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic that has extensive training and post-graduate work specializing in correcting spinal realignment by means of an atlas orthogonal percussion instrument.

This procedure is painless, safe, and effective at
putting your atlas as back into alignment.

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