Why Physical Corrective Exercises & Sports Rehab:

We are privileged to provide one on one appointments with our exercise physiologist, Chip Fischofer. He assists our Doctors with each patient by giving them individualized instruction to correct and strengthen the areas in which time and/or injury has damaged. He is certified in many different soft tissue techniques. These techniques are used to treat and correct injuries deep in the muscle tissue. We have found it to be very effective in allowing patients to hold their adjustments longer and reducing their treatment time. Chip is also highly effective in rehabilitating sports injuries and at home instruction to increase stability and strength.

Reducing Chiropractic Adjustment Treatment Time:

Soft tissue injuries are very common occurrence as the result of excessive use of a particular set of muscles which may result in a muscle strain or sprain to ligaments and/or tendons. It happens a lot with weekend warriors who go out on the weekend and over extend themselves after being somewhat sedimentary during the week. Or, it could just be a normal activity where you moved the wrong way or picked up something in an awkward position. You have large muscles in your lower back and thighs along with calf muscles. These injuries can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to heal depending on how quickly it is treated, your age, and condition. Elevating your leg or laying flat along with ice will help with blood flow and to control swelling.

Once that is done, you will need to work on strengthening the muscle around the injury via exercise. This is where Chip will provide his expertise to determine the best exercise to maximize the strength and return the muscle to normal usage in the least amount of time. Doing the wrong thing can inhibit the healing process, result in more injury, and extend the recovery time.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation:

Chip is going to design a program specific to your needs and objectives based upon your activity level, age, and conditioning. Chip will help you rebuild muscle tone and work on increasing your strength, agility, flexibility, and athletic ability. As an expert in rehab care, Chip will be able to help you return to your normal level of sporting activity as quickly as possible. With his one on one approach, you will be sure to get his full attention with a program that is adjusted around your capabilities, needs, and objectives.

Home Instruction:

Depending upon your injury and other circumstances; Chip will design a program specifically for you. You will be given very specific instructions on what and how much to do based upon proven results of years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

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