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Headache Treatment Relief:

Headaches come in all different sizes and shapes with the belief that they are the result of many different conditions, such as; sinus, tension, cluster, acute, hormone, chronic, stress, and many others.  They may in fact turn into migraine headaches as well.  However, many of these symptoms may be the result of your atlas being out of alignment.  Many of these symptoms may be treatable by putting your atlas back into alignment.

According To The World Health Organization, Headache Disorders
Are Among The Most Common Disorders Of The Nervous System

The atlas is directly below the skull where blood vessels, nerves, and your brain stem extends down and through.  If your atlas is out of alignment, it may interfere with the blood flow or impair the nerves.  Should this happen, your headaches may be a symptom of the underlying treatable condition of the atlas being out of alignment.

This does not mean that all headaches or migraines are caused by the atlas misalignment.  However, it may be caused by the atlas through which all nerves run to the brain.  Boutwell Chiropractic will be able to tell after your first visit if the atlas is out of alignment.

If it is out of alignment, a Boutwell Chiropractic Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists specialists with extensive training and post-graduate work specializing in correcting spinal realignment by means of an atlas orthogonal percussion instrument using computerized X-Rays will be able to identify the required adjustments.  You may see immediate headache relief the same day.

There are many types of headaches including migraines that can have a significant adverse impact on your life whether it is sinus, tension, acute or chronic, or any other type.  Headaches and migraines are a worldwide problem.  Many of these are directly tied to a nervous system disorder.  The entire nervous system runs through the atlas in order to communicate with the brain.  This may be your first step in resolving your problem and getting headache relief.

If your headaches are causing you significant issues: you have spent untold hours and days suffering year after year without any headache relief, it is affecting your work life, relationships, or Quality of Life; it will be worth your while to pursue an alternative that has had proven results for so many others.

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