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How has Boutwell Chiropractic care improved your life?:

In April of 2014, I fell and broke my elbow. As that healed I had increasing pain in my back and shoulder. It was excruciating-feeling like a knife in the back every time I took a breath. Three conventional doctors had no answers, not even any guesses, as to the nature of the problem. This included an orthopedist and a pain specialist. After being advised to go to the ER for pain, but unable to get there because I was in too much pain, I made an appointment with Dr. Thigpen. In desperation I said, “I’m not leaving until you figure out what’s wrong with me!” And he did. Dr. Thigpen and Chip diagnosed a fascial tear and herniated muscles. Now I am in treatment and the healing has finally begun. I’m so thankful that we were regular chiropractic patients so that he could get right to work on the acute problem.

Thank you.


Migraine Relief

I had been to every doctor known to man, so I thought.  My migraines were running 2 to 3 straight days a week with another in-between sometimes.  No medication, no treatment including Botox ever worked and I tried everything and every doctor.  I am talking in bed, sick as you can get, and all 8 to 10 pain level migraines.  Completely debilating.

One day over a year ago, I was sitting in a waiting room with my wife waiting for a friend who had a procedure.  A doctor came into the waiting room and sat down next to us and asked me what was wrong.  Well, I had a bad migraine and they show.  My wife then went on to explain that they had started 8 or 9 years ago after I had surgery.  The doctor immediately said it was not the surgery, your atlas is out.  Go see an Atlas Orthogonalist but don't tell anybody I told you.

So, I found Randall and Darrell Boutwell at Boutwell Chiropractic and went immediately.  My atlas was really whacked out and I had lower back pain as well.  I got relief almost immediately and now have an 80% reduction in mingraines and no lower back pain with a rare exception.  My migraine level typically is no higher then a 3 or 4 with a bad one on an occassion.

Frankly, regular doctors/neurologist do not have a clue on the cause of migraines and simply keep throwing medications at you to treat the symptoms.  Their latest great idea is a nerve block injected into your neck as needed, if it works.  No Thanks!

My migraines are now manageable, and hope some day they will just go away completely.  But, I am indebted to the Boutwells for helping so much and can not thank them enough for giving me my life back.

I need to disclose that I built this website for Boutwell Chiropractic because I want everyone to find out about this great scientific approach to treat a migraines and many other medical conditions.  I have studied this extensively as most migraine people do, and this is a must try approach.

Please give it a try.

Terry G. Diggs

This procedure is painless, safe, and effective. You may feel immediate relief of
the symptoms the same day if the atlas is a cause or contributing factor.

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